About Us

B Mason & Sons Ltd is a leading supplier of copper alloy strip, combining state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and practices with over 160 years of experience and heritage. Our Company has progressed from a small, family run business at its inception in 1852 to becoming the UK's largest and most up-to-date manufacturer of precision strip, with a prestigious worldwide customer base.

Our focus on quality enables us to supply the most demanding markets in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Internal systems guarantee compliance to relevant external regulations and ensure that our products consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We continually develop our product range and manufacturing processes to remain at the forefront of copper-based alloy technology.

  • A short history of B Mason

    In 1852, Benjamin Mason, aged 25 and previously working as steel and metal roller, set up business rolling brass alloys into strip.

    In 1859, he transferred the business over to new, steam-powered rolling mills which became known as the Aston Manor Rolling Mills and supplied strip for many local traders.

    Two of his sons, James and William Mason, took over the business control in 1882 and the company remained in the Mason family until 1917.

    B Mason & Sons Ltd was registered as a private company in March 1915, with a capital of £8000 in £1 shares.

    Some of the new investors, such as Mr. Isaac Shaw, took greater interest in running the company in later years. The Shaw family took over legal ownership of B Mason in 1917.

    By the distribution of shares, new investment was possible, electricity replaced steam to drive the mills and the rolling mills were extended.

    The average weekly production of rolled metal was 18 tons. Customers were badge and button trades and lock and key makers.

    When Ken Shaw took over management in 1959, a decision to modernise the plant was made. B Mason identified the long-term future strategy to be high quality, long (heavy weight) coils in phosphor bronze, nickel silver and brass.

    Re-roll of brass started in the mid 1960s and the rolling mills were equipped with machinery that could increase the range of alloys being made.

    In 1969, Mason was the first UK company to adopt semi-continuous horizontal casting. This enabled the company to be more competitive and to expand their sales area. The 1970s and 80s saw phosphor bronze alloys and nickel silver alloys being introduced.

    In 1985, the site was extended by purchasing adjacent land in order to obtain the much needed space for increased production.

    B Mason was taken over by the Wieland-Werke AG, Germany, on 11th July 1988. By then, the Company had more than doubled its original site since 1852.

    Wieland is the leading independent European manufacturer of non-ferrous semi finished products.

    New equipment was installed which reduced manual labour and virtually enclosed all aspects of the metal rolling process.

    Looking back on over 150 years of history, B Mason & Sons Ltd keeps investing in machinery and training of its workforce in order to supply its customers with high quality semi-finished non-ferrous products.

  • Facts about Mason
    • B Mason & Sons Ltd employs ca. 160 personnel and a number of trainees and apprentices.
    • We are the only non-ferrous copper based casting and rolling mill in the UK.
    • We have a wide range of copper based alloys in our portfolio.
    • We are continually striving to exceed our customers' expectations.
    • We offer customised solutions to fit your needs.
    • We are working to the following standards:
      EN ISO 9001:2015
      EN ISO 14001:2015

    We serve the following industries:

    • Automotive industry
    • Consumable electronics
    • Communication and data technology
    • Electrical engineering
    • Metal goods
  • Nemco Metals International Ltd

    We work in close collaboration with our sister company, Nemco Metals International Limited.

    Established in 1974 and based in Northampton, Nemco operate as the Wieland Group’s dedicated UK metal service centre, providing customers with a modern stockholding and processing facility for predominantly non-ferrous metals in the form of strip, sheet, tube and rod. Other metal management services include sub-contract slitting, traverse winding, scrap recycling and cut-to-length rod and profiles.

    Visit Nemco's website.